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Program Content

Educational Sessions

Educational sessions are 60-minute interactive sessions with time dedicated for dialogue to consider application of knowledge and implications for our work addressing student success.

Educational sessions should:

  • Describe the significance of the issue at Mason
  • Situate the issue within the larger context of higher education, a specialized field/industry, or national/global trends
  • Describe the program, intervention, initiative, or idea that addresses the issue and provide evidence of its potential or demonstrated effectiveness
  • Highlight implications for student success (specifically in relation to retention, timely degree completion, and/or well-being) or implications for professional development and enrichment
  • Provide relevant knowledge and “take-away” applications for participants


Learning Innovation Labs

Learning Innovation Labs are 30-minute interactive workshops for participants to engage in discussion about emerging trends and new ideas that hold promise for our work with Mason students. Learning Innovation Labs are intended to test out ideas, consider new practices, and explore possibilities for providing best-in-class student experiences and services.

Learning Innovation Labs should:

  • Pose a question or situate the topic and provide information, insights and/or ideas on an emerging trend, issue, or topic to engage participants in conversation
  • Explore how we might work differently to maximize student services and experiences while considering student pressures and issues
  • Create conversation space to discuss new ideas, practices, and possibilities for our work in student retention, degree completion and well-being
  • Provide relevant knowledge and “take-away” applications for participants


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